Come Build the Next Greatest Generation in Normandy Together!

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Be Inspired by the Past and Build a Better Future

Students, teachers and life-long learners:

  • Would you like to travel abroad and discover history as never before?
  • Are you hoping to leave your mark on history too?
  • Do you wonder if learning history can actually serve you?

Join our Normandy travel experience!

Learn from the men and women who helped win WWII.

Be inspired to accomplish great things too!

Because we understand you want history to feel relevant and close.

Group at Utah Beach


We care about your expectations, your experience and your memories


Kate Coffey

Booking Expert

“I know planning a trip can be stressful at times. I strive to make it 100% worry-free from beginning to end. My passion for history and traveling motivates me to ensure that every traveler has the best possible experience.”


“I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your team for helping make our trip a huge success! Our experienced both during the planning stage and while we were abroad were absolutely exceptional. The service we received was off the highest caliber.”

Prof. Kent, Philadelphia PA


“It’s not just Geert’s intimate knowledge of WWII and local history, but also his style of presenting everything in such a personalized fashion that made the trip so memorable. Geert truly has a gift for communicating that makes history completely understandable and fascinating to hear.”

~R.C., Melbourne FL


Pete Combee

Tour Manager

“I know visitors to Normandy seek more than just to see and learn. They want to understand, to appreciate, to enjoy and to personally connect. Creating and managing opportunities to allow them to do so, is what motivates me every day.”


During your journey you will explore history and learn how…

Individuals can make a difference

Serving others together can change your life

Certain causes will always be worthwhile

Being grateful for those who paved the way can guide you today

Embark on your inspirational journey

  1. Book your program
  2. Travel to Normandy and be inspired
  3. Return home and make a difference

You’ll travel with:


Trust our 20+ years of experience and expertise
Happy students on German bunker


Allow yourself to learn, grow and play an important role
Presentation at battle map


Enjoy a different culture, leisure and time to explore
Students eating ice cream

Following your journey you will return with:

  • Valuable lessons from the past
  • Inspirational history to help you create your own
  • Opportunities to make a difference after you return home

What good is a journey to the past if it doesn’t serve the future?

Students, Teachers and Life-Long Learners, let the lessons of history in Normandy help you build the next Greatest Generation together!